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I have been getting massages for over 20 years in the Atlanta area. I stayed with one therapist for over 8 years until her retirement. I can say without reservation that Heather is absolutely the best. Recently I had a stiff neck that persisted for days fortunately my appointment fell on a Tuesday my normally scheduled weekly visit.  An hour and a half later no more stiffness; so from now on, I’m calling her dr. heather lol.  Go ahead schedule an appointment you won’t be sorry.Kevin D.              
Roswell, GA        4/16/12

Excellent service and great treatment-- Massage essentials' website states that their mission is to "...heal and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit."  Well mission accomplished.  I purchased their "Signature Massage" for me and my girlfriend.  It features a combination of techniques including, Swedish, hot stone, stretching and relaxation.  
My gf, who is a regular customer at various well-known local spas, said it was the best massage she's had in years!  On the other side of the coin, I was a first timer, who although I have actually worked at a massage and healing therapies studio, had never been a recipient.  
Heather (the owner) was extremely professional, courteous and made me very comfortable, as she walked me through the entire process.  She guided me as to how to communicate with her during the massage, so as to receive the greatest benefit from the treatment.  
Best of all and MOST surprising, was what occurred early into the massage, as she questioned me about my physical history.  I shared with her that I had only recently started recovering from nearly four months of debilitating back pain. She felt the affected area and immediately said she could feel a tissue mass that she thought may be a culprit to my pain, in addition to the slipped disc which both chiropractors and doctors had identified and treated with little success.   
She asked if she could switch the focus of my massage to a therapeutic treatment of my back and incorporating some Swedish/relaxation as well.  Bottom-line, at the end of the session I was amazed how noticeably improved my chronic back pain was!  I can't wait to have my next session!  Needless to say, we plan to use Massage Essentials, as our regular spot for relaxation and healing alike!

What a wonderful experience!!
Robert W.          
Lithonia, GA        4/23/12

I've seen Heather Sharkey twice now; which says a lot because I used to have someone come to my home to do my massages. 
My old therapist is great, but she has a lot less availability these days. Venturing out to try someone new had me worried, but Heather is in a professional chiropractic business and is a true professional herself.  She asked me smart questions to make sure I felt like I got the most out of my massages and reminded me to let her know next time how things have worked out or not worked out after the massage. I can feel a big difference; like I'm carrying less stress on my shoulders and my calves aren't rocks anymore.  I will definitely continue seeing Heather as we work through some neck knots I've accumulated over the years. 
Thank you Heather for diggin' in as much as I wanted to drive the ouch out! Oh, and for having rates that make it worth the drive for me!Nazz R.                                
Duluth, GA      5/13/12

"I highly recommend Massage Essentials for relieving chronic pain, improving circulation, to releasing recurring tension associated with the effects of TMJ and headaches.  Their rates are competitive and you don’t feel like your being rushed into the process; they take time to evaluate and assess conditions/areas of importance before each session and continue to methodically monitor my intake forms against the progress being achieved. First Rate!"
Kim Knapp
Roswell, GA


"Great massage by a very well trained therapist. She was careful when working around my injuries and overall just gave a great massage! I would highly recommend her to anyone in need! "
Stu Hirsh

"Great massage, very professional. Very knowledgeable and courteous. Heather has great hands and a wonderful technique. Very relaxing... so you again soon!!!!!”
David Dollar

“Massage Essentials truly delivers relaxation, rejuvenation and muscular therapy; having gone in for the Deep Tissue session, relieved all the tightness and pain from packing-up to move. I know I will be rescheduling more sessions in the process of getting settled into our new place.  Thank you Heather!”
Jackie Carr 

“Heather is a well trained Massage Therapist with a vast array of skills.  Her treatments vary from the simply relaxing to the very specific and detailed. She is a credit to her profession.”
Andrew Dacres

“I have a new arsenal for relieving the pressures of daily life - Massage Essentials.  I walked away as though I were on a cloud... like a new woman.  The price was right.  The quality of the service was superb and I cannot see myself going any other place.  Thank you Heather and Massage Essentials.   I am grateful you are available.  I will see you on the next visit.”
Ursala Smalls

I was recommended by a friend to go see Heather Sharpe at Massage Essentials.  She is a very sweet, kind and personable individual.  It was a great experience and I will be back again.  
Keep up the great work Heather!”
Andrew Corriveau  

Heather of Massage Essentials did a great job in identifying some very tense, sore muscles and back pains. I've dealt with back issues for years due to an injury I experienced in my youth. Normally the remedy has been with reluctance - one 800 mg ibuprofen tablet twice a day.  Because of Heather's techniques in working out the accumulated stress from my back, neck and shoulder, it was a week before I felt any of those old aches and pains returning to my body. I am a fan and committed customer going forward. Anyone nursing an old muscle injury or just stress and tension from life pressures should serious consider giving message therapy a try using Massage Essentials!  I'm now fan and customer.  
Kerry G

Heather was a welcomed surprise to my very tensed shoulder blades and my recently hurt left shoulder.  With a very professional approach, she provided a helpful, relaxing massage in a gentle yet firm manner. She welcomed feedback & uncovered some tense spots I didn't even know about.  During the session, a very dry throat caused a coughing spell, & she quickly had me breath-in some eucalyptus aromas; it stopped my cough immediately. Her knowledge & technique provided me with the 'healing' that I needed, and contributed to relaxing my total body, and my troubled shoulder.  Finding Heather was my 'right before Christmas' treat! An appointment with her is a gift to yourself.
Prosperity P.

I received a massage as a gift for the holidays.  I feel very fortunate to have connected with Heather.  She is a total professional and exceeded all of my expectations!  She is such a great communicator and was completely attentive to my specific trouble spots...specifically a recurring shoulder issue i have dealt with for years.  The session helped my pain level immediately and the benefits have continued in the days after.I look forward to my next session with Heather.
Debbie W.

I just wanted to write a quick review about a terrific massage I received from Heather at Massage Essentials in Dunwoody.  The atmosphere there was very relaxing, Heather was very professional and very thorough in finding out what trouble spots I had that needed the most attention.  I had a very troublesome right shoulder/shoulder blade, and Heather really worked her massage techniques to perfection.  I have felt great ever since, and hope to go back and see Heather in the next month or so.  I would highly recommend her for any massage treatment. Thanks again!
Michael W.
Marietta, GA

Recently purchased a coupon for this business, the service was great & the massage was even better.  Will be Back!
Shante B.
Riverdale, GA